Failed Units

Over time, double glazed units are likely to eventually fail

This becomes more noticeable in the Autumn and Spring during Seasonal temperature changes, when moisture within the double glazed unit condenses on the inside of the double glazed units, creating small water droplets giving the impression that the glass has misted up.  The main reason for a sealed glazed unit to break down is time, weather and the environment.

Over time, the wind, sun, frost and everyday environmental conditions forces the sealed unit to constantly expand and contract acting like a small pump slowing sucking in and then releasing air from between the glass panes.

The air entering the space in this way will contain the natural moisture in the air. Eventually the dessicant or silica gel (material designed to absorb the moisture that is contained within the spacer bar between the glass) becomes saturated, therefore cannot draw any more moisture from the air within the glass unit.

The result is condensation between the panes and the start of the deterioration of the insulation and vision properties of your double glazing units.

The longer that this is left before replacing the glass units, the more impaired your vision will be throughout the the glazing units.

For many years, Worthington and Graham have the experience of replacing thousands of failed double glazing units, quickly, efficiently and successfully, without the need to replace the actual window frame, which is obviously a cost advantage, to you, the customer.

Our replacement double glazing units are fully guaranteed against condensation within the glass cavity, they will be correctly installed into your existing window frames, whether timber or PVCu and polished clean following installation.

When considering replacement double glazing units, obviously current Building Regulations will have an effect on the type of glass to be installed as far as safety is concerned and other glasses are available to satisfy any further requirements you may be considering, such as security, insulation enhancement, privacy and sound transmission reduction features.

Also during Seasonal demand for replacement glass units, Worthington and Graham offer special offers which include FREE FITTING and FREE GLASS UPGRADES, so please contact us as soon as possible and ask what deals are available for your requirements when you are considering your replacement glass units.

We offer FREE ON SITE QUOTATIONS and accurate surveys prior to every installation, giving you the confidence in Worthington and Graham to carry out the professional service we have done so since 1946.