Fire Resistant Glass

Find the perfect Fire Resistant Glass for your property

At Worthington we offer a wide range of fire resistant glass options from a number of suppliers with varying levels of protection to suit your needs.

Protection levels are measured in defined time periods (30, 60, 90, 120 and 180 minutes) and in terms of either ‘integrity and insulation’ or ‘integrity only’, as designated by the European Standards.

When it comes to fire rated glass, Pilkington is one of the names to trust. They have been at the forefront of fire glass innovation since 1896 when they first introduced wired glass. At Worthington and Graham, in partnership with our suppliers our objective is to continue to offer high performance and high quality fireglass products that can be relied upon in a fire.

Glass fire doors, or other types of fire doors with glass are required to be able to withstand extreme heat according to the guidelines laid out in the European Standards

The current Pilkington range of fireproof glass is designed to do exactly that, meeting the UK regulatory requirements for integrity only or integrity with insulation.

Choosing the right fire resistant glazing for the right application is made easier when you work with Worthington and Graham.

We can provide a variety of fire rated glazing options including the range of Pilkington brands including Pyrostop™, Pyrodur™, Pyrodur™ Plus and Pyroshield™  which are designed to provide outstanding fire performance with impact safety – where applicable.

These can also be combined with other products from our range to provide additional features such as energy management or noise control.

With our ongoing commitment to testing, technical innovation, quality, reliability and consistency, you can put your trust in Worthington and Graham to provide the best fire proof glass options for you, whether you need fire rated glass doors, or another form of glass fire guard.

Why not contact us today and find out why Worthington and Graham could be the answer to your fire glazing installation needs.

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