Glass Tables

At Worthington & Graham, we specialise in supplying bespoke glass tables and desks, constructed to your personal requirements.

There are many reasons to choose glass for a table surface.  Flat glass table tops are easy surfaces to clean, particularly with our commercial glass fluid cleaning solution.  Glass also helps a room feel brighter and more spacious by letting light propagate more easily.  The clean lines and smooth tabletop make for an impressive and timeless working surface.

Whether you require glass furniture for the home – such as glass dining tables or glass coffee tables – or glass computer desks for a modern office, we can manufacture a table to suit your specifications.  Simply decide the size of your glass desk to suit your working environment.

We typically use brushed chrome table legs, and use ultra violet bonding to fix to the underside of the glass table, with 20mm height adjustment to suit your flooring discrepancies.  The standard glass we use has a thickness is 10mm of tempered safety glass, with straight-line machine-polished edging for safety.

Glass corner desks are installed with 106mm cantilevered brackets along with a single support leg as shown in the illustration.

Wall desks are supplied with 106mm cantilevered brackets along with two support legs.

Delivered to your home, ready for your own fitting or installed and cleaned, ready for your work.