Mirrored Glass

High Quality Pilkington Float Glass

Our mirrored glass is manufactured using high quality Pilkington Float Glass with a silvered and protected rear surface which reflects your images and also enhances your room sizing and natural light availability. Whether you need a full length mirror, small mirror tiles, round mirrors, large mirrors or a decorative mirror of unusual shape, we can produce it fast.

We carry a range of both 4mm and 6mm thickness mirror glass which we will cut to your required sizes immediately from our large stock of various sheet dimensions for your variety of uses, whether for framing, wall mounting or furniture mounting (e.g.: dressing table mirrors) arrangements.

Our mirrors can also have polished edges by our Straight Line Edging equipment, drilled for wall fixing and secured with bright chrome screws and domed caps or use edge clips for a more discrete installation along with a factory applied safety backing to meet with injury risk area consideration.

Currently, we recommend the use of mirror wall adhesive which affords no chemical deterioration of the mirrored surface and also dispenses of the need of screw or clip fixing and safety backing.

The professional adhesive also compensates for uneven wall surfaces and stretches during the curing process to provide a perfect flat finish. No screw holes or clips and offers a superior unobtrusive installation for your reflections.

All that is required is your plastered wall is finished to offer a non-porous surface finish. Tiled walls do not require surface sealing.

All mirrors are available within 24 hours for either collection or delivery. Also available for that luxury effect, are beveled edge mirrors, which are constructed from 6mm mirrored glass with a range of bevel sizes from 6mm to 42mm to further enhance your view.

These are normally obtainable in approximately seven working days. A multitude of uses to suit your home, office or working environment. We also specialise in the installation of wall mounted mirrors for gymnasiums and dance studios.

These can be installed with either adhesive or professional aluminium extruded sections for extra support.