Textured Glass

We currently stock the majority of The Pilkington range of textured glass, with immediate availability on patterned glass for doors or patterned glass windows. Pilkington texture glass is an ideal product ideal of adding style and elegance to your home.

Printed textured glass is produced using ceramic coated roller technology when the glass is in a semi molten condition in the factory at St. Helens, Merseyside.  By incorporating texture glass, you can add privacy and meet any requirements, aesthetic or practical.  The glass is produced in a single size of 1320mm wide by 2140mm high.  The printed pattern runs in a vertical arrangement and can be glazed in either a vertical position (standard) or horizontally.  Please indicate width by height sizing when ordering your Pilkington patterned glass and we will cut it for you with the pattern running vertically unless otherwise instructed.

  • Superb visual appeal to create a striking interior look
  • Combines excellent obscuration with high light transmission
  • Diffusion takes light further into adjacent rooms using a ” borrowed light ” glazed area
  • Five levels of privacy are available from 1 ( least obscuration ) to 5 ( greatest obscuration )
  • All are suitable to be incorporated within sealed double glazing unit manufacture

Safety Standard BS6206.  Certain considerations must be made when using pattern glass in areas subject to bodily impact, such as glazed areas within doors, door side panels and other adjacent glazed areas which the glass is recommended to be of a tempered safety nature.  The glass is cut, the sharp edges are removed and the glass is subjected to a furnace process where it is heated almost to softening point, then fan quenched to complete the process.  This process enables the glass to withstand a surface impact of almost 5 times of the normal glass impact resistance and is unlikely to be broken with a normal human impact.  If breakage does occur, the whole piece of glass will disintegrate into small glass pieces deemed not to cause severe bodily injury.

Fragmentation tests on samples of tempered glass are carried out daily to ensure the BS6206 Standard is maintained.

With Pilkington textured glass, you can add style and elegance to any area of the home and most products are available to be viewed with our specially designed and lighted sample viewing facility.