Thermal Efficiency

Up to 25% of the heat within your home will escape through your windows

This can make standard float glass double glazing units installed, a more expensive commodity as far as heat loss is concerned, which is why more and more people are looking at alternative options for their windows that will save them money on their fuel bills

So, for a further low investment within your glass products, can mean lower energy bills by purely reducing the thermostat setting attached to your home heating system by a few degrees, and will reduce your domestic heating bills

It all boils down to a U value, which is a measurement of Thermal Efficiency and is normally achieved by using different components within the manufacture of a double glazing unit.  The lower the U value, the better the insulation

To give you some idea of how the double glazing unit manufacture can improve the insulation, have a look at the illustration below

Single glass 5.8 0%
Double glazing unit air filled 2.8 52%
Double glazing unit with
K glass air filled
1.7 71%
Double glazing unit with
k glass and Argon Gas
1.5 74%
Double glazing unit with
Planitherm and Argon Gas
1.2 79%

Planitherm is a soft coated Low Emissivity glass which is slightly more energy efficient than Pilkington K glass but has to be processed using specific machinery that deletes about 12mm of the coating during the cutting process which allows the adhesion of the double glazing unit edge sealant to the actual glass surface, whereas Pilkington K glass does not require that process as the K coating will adhere as easily as regular float glass

Where these energy efficient double glazing units are installed to domestic or commercial elevations as far as the Sun is concerned, that is facing South and West, and East to a certain effect, these glass units readily allow Solar Energy to be transmitted to within the room that the glass is installed, then the efficiency of the glass units, in effect, capture the Solar Energy within that room, to be retained by the high energy efficient glass units, resulting in a warmer room environment

Our Sales Team can advise you correctly regarding any questions you may have as regards the efficiency of any insulating glass product