Wooden Table Surface Protector

A tempered glass table top will protect a wooden table’s surface against stains, scratches, gouges and other wear and tear.

Protect your table surface with a variety of glass table protectors. Our products can be manufactured in a range of thicknesses to best suit your specifications and most effectively protect your table from staining and scratching. Our glass table tops are also available in a range of sizes and shapes to suit any table top.

Small tables are normally protected using a glass table protector – 4mm of thick, tempered safety glass with straight line polished edge technology. Table corner protectors are also available for comprehensive furniture preservation.

The use of a thicker glass table top protector, such as a 6mm or 10mm thickness, will allow a bevelled edge to enhance the glass edge beauty. This is particularly popular for dining table applications.

All table top glass is sized to your requirements, and is normally ready for collection within seven working days. Larger table tops can be delivered, cleaned and positioned on your furniture, and are then ready for use. All products are easily cleaned, especially when using our commercial glass cleaning fluid.