Wooden Table Surface Protector

A tempered glass table top will protect a wooden table’s surface against stains, scratches, gouges and other wear and tear.

Protect your table surface with a variety of glass table protectors. Our products can be manufactured in a range of thicknesses to best suit your specifications and most effectively protect your table from staining and scratching. Our glass table tops are also available in a range of sizes and shapes to suit any table top.

Small tables are normally protected using a glass table protector – 4mm of thick, tempered safety glass with straight line polished edge technology. Table corner protectors are also available for comprehensive furniture preservation.

The use of a thicker glass table top protector, such as a 6mm or 10mm thickness, will allow a bevelled edge to enhance the glass edge beauty. This is particularly popular for dining table applications.

All table top glass is sized to your requirements, and is normally ready for collection within seven working days. Larger table tops can be delivered, cleaned and positioned on your furniture, and are then ready for use. All products are easily cleaned, especially when using our commercial glass cleaning fluid.


At Worthington and Graham we provide a range of glass showcases and glass display cabinets for use at exhibitions, in retail stores or for display cabinets in reception areas of companies.

They can be provided with eye-catching rotating options or simply as free standing units. A glass showcase provided by Worthington and Graham is a great way to display a large number of products as the glass shelves rotate, providing a full 360 degree view of the showcased products.  Our rotating showcases are made with high quality toughened glass which meets with current legislation and are built to the highest standard, with the latest technology.

We also supply various types of corner display cabinet, display cabinets with glass doors and shop display cabinets, as well as a range of opaque display solutions.  Our glass showcases are strong, durable and easy to clean – the perfect solution for many shop fitting applications where floor space is available, but wall space is limited.  A glass display cabinet is the perfect display solution for high value retail products such as watches, quality pens, jewellery and ornaments.  Our showcases enable light to shine through to all parts of the product, while implying a feeling of quality and luxury. As well as our traditional stock lines, we are also able to manufacture glass showcases in almost any size and dimensions, for use in a range of business or retail environments.

The glass we use is of the highest quality and is as strong and safe as possible. For more information on our range of glass showcases, please contact us and we will be more than happy to show you examples of our standard stock lines or provide a quote for a bespoke solution.

Glass Shelving

Worthington and Graham can design and supply a wide selection of glass shelving products for any application.

The glass shelving is comprised of 10mm thick tempered safety glass and is also available with a low iron option which produces a white, clear glass edge finish.

Glass shelves are strong, safe, durable, easy to clean and are the perfect solution for many domestic and commercial applications.  Glass floating shelves are the perfect solution for displaying high value products: they exude a feeling of quality and luxury, while enabling light to shine through and illuminate all parts of the product you wish to display.

Glass Shelving

Glass bathroom shelves can be supplied either: clear, tinted or with sandblasted effect surface finish.

The wall support options include: a continuous cantilevered fitting or stylish individual cantilever wall brackets to support a glass shelf as shown in the illustration

Our production of glass shelves cut to size allows us the freedom to produce shelves of any size required.  This means that we are able to accommodate more unusual requests, as well as custom designs such as glass corner shelves or glass shelving units.

Bathroom glass shelves are perfect for an iPod docking station above an electrical socket, and with a sufficient space behind the glass shelf to conceal an electrical wire supply.  Order a sandblasted glass effect finish and the electric supply cable just disappears!!  Glass wall shelves are perfect for within your bathroom, en-suite or wet room area for towel, shower gel storage and so on.

Glass Tables

At Worthington & Graham, we specialise in supplying bespoke glass tables and desks, constructed to your personal requirements.

There are many reasons to choose glass for a table surface.  Flat glass table tops are easy surfaces to clean, particularly with our commercial glass fluid cleaning solution.  Glass also helps a room feel brighter and more spacious by letting light propagate more easily.  The clean lines and smooth tabletop make for an impressive and timeless working surface.

Whether you require glass furniture for the home – such as glass dining tables or glass coffee tables – or glass computer desks for a modern office, we can manufacture a table to suit your specifications.  Simply decide the size of your glass desk to suit your working environment.

We typically use brushed chrome table legs, and use ultra violet bonding to fix to the underside of the glass table, with 20mm height adjustment to suit your flooring discrepancies.  The standard glass we use has a thickness is 10mm of tempered safety glass, with straight-line machine-polished edging for safety.

Glass corner desks are installed with 106mm cantilevered brackets along with a single support leg as shown in the illustration.

Wall desks are supplied with 106mm cantilevered brackets along with two support legs.

Delivered to your home, ready for your own fitting or installed and cleaned, ready for your work.