Noise Control

Remove unwanted noise with our range of Pilkington Sound Proofing Glass

At Worthington and Graham we offer a range of Pilkington sound proofing glasses to use as your solution for unwanted noise such as road, rail, air traffic or any other source.

Pilkington Optiphon is a laminated glass made with a special PVB interlayer for sound reduction made in different thicknesses to achieve the desired level of noise reduction. Higher acoustic performances can be achieved by incorporation into double glazing units also enabling other additional benefits such as thermal insulation, solar control and self-cleaning.

Optiphon is also a safety glass achieving at least Safety Class I (B) I (EN12600) and meets Security Requirements as contained in EN356.

Access Pilkington sound simulator to hear the reduction of noise provided by specific Pilkington products.

Textured Glass

We currently stock the majority of The Pilkington range of textured glass, with immediate availability on patterned glass for doors or patterned glass windows. Pilkington texture glass is an ideal product ideal of adding style and elegance to your home.

Printed textured glass is produced using ceramic coated roller technology when the glass is in a semi molten condition in the factory at St. Helens, Merseyside.  By incorporating texture glass, you can add privacy and meet any requirements, aesthetic or practical.  The glass is produced in a single size of 1320mm wide by 2140mm high.  The printed pattern runs in a vertical arrangement and can be glazed in either a vertical position (standard) or horizontally.  Please indicate width by height sizing when ordering your Pilkington patterned glass and we will cut it for you with the pattern running vertically unless otherwise instructed.

  • Superb visual appeal to create a striking interior look
  • Combines excellent obscuration with high light transmission
  • Diffusion takes light further into adjacent rooms using a ” borrowed light ” glazed area
  • Five levels of privacy are available from 1 ( least obscuration ) to 5 ( greatest obscuration )
  • All are suitable to be incorporated within sealed double glazing unit manufacture

Safety Standard BS6206.  Certain considerations must be made when using pattern glass in areas subject to bodily impact, such as glazed areas within doors, door side panels and other adjacent glazed areas which the glass is recommended to be of a tempered safety nature.  The glass is cut, the sharp edges are removed and the glass is subjected to a furnace process where it is heated almost to softening point, then fan quenched to complete the process.  This process enables the glass to withstand a surface impact of almost 5 times of the normal glass impact resistance and is unlikely to be broken with a normal human impact.  If breakage does occur, the whole piece of glass will disintegrate into small glass pieces deemed not to cause severe bodily injury.

Fragmentation tests on samples of tempered glass are carried out daily to ensure the BS6206 Standard is maintained.

With Pilkington textured glass, you can add style and elegance to any area of the home and most products are available to be viewed with our specially designed and lighted sample viewing facility.

Fire Resistant Glass

Find the perfect Fire Resistant Glass for your property

At Worthington we offer a wide range of fire resistant glass options from a number of suppliers with varying levels of protection to suit your needs.

Protection levels are measured in defined time periods (30, 60, 90, 120 and 180 minutes) and in terms of either ‘integrity and insulation’ or ‘integrity only’, as designated by the European Standards.

When it comes to fire rated glass, Pilkington is one of the names to trust. They have been at the forefront of fire glass innovation since 1896 when they first introduced wired glass. At Worthington and Graham, in partnership with our suppliers our objective is to continue to offer high performance and high quality fireglass products that can be relied upon in a fire.

Glass fire doors, or other types of fire doors with glass are required to be able to withstand extreme heat according to the guidelines laid out in the European Standards

The current Pilkington range of fireproof glass is designed to do exactly that, meeting the UK regulatory requirements for integrity only or integrity with insulation.

Choosing the right fire resistant glazing for the right application is made easier when you work with Worthington and Graham.

We can provide a variety of fire rated glazing options including the range of Pilkington brands including Pyrostop™, Pyrodur™, Pyrodur™ Plus and Pyroshield™  which are designed to provide outstanding fire performance with impact safety – where applicable.

These can also be combined with other products from our range to provide additional features such as energy management or noise control.

With our ongoing commitment to testing, technical innovation, quality, reliability and consistency, you can put your trust in Worthington and Graham to provide the best fire proof glass options for you, whether you need fire rated glass doors, or another form of glass fire guard.

Why not contact us today and find out why Worthington and Graham could be the answer to your fire glazing installation needs.

Visit Pilkington Specifire – The easy way to select the correct Pilkington Glass for your Fire Resistant Application

Mirrored Glass

High Quality Pilkington Float Glass

Our mirrored glass is manufactured using high quality Pilkington Float Glass with a silvered and protected rear surface which reflects your images and also enhances your room sizing and natural light availability. Whether you need a full length mirror, small mirror tiles, round mirrors, large mirrors or a decorative mirror of unusual shape, we can produce it fast.

We carry a range of both 4mm and 6mm thickness mirror glass which we will cut to your required sizes immediately from our large stock of various sheet dimensions for your variety of uses, whether for framing, wall mounting or furniture mounting (e.g.: dressing table mirrors) arrangements.

Our mirrors can also have polished edges by our Straight Line Edging equipment, drilled for wall fixing and secured with bright chrome screws and domed caps or use edge clips for a more discrete installation along with a factory applied safety backing to meet with injury risk area consideration.

Currently, we recommend the use of mirror wall adhesive which affords no chemical deterioration of the mirrored surface and also dispenses of the need of screw or clip fixing and safety backing.

The professional adhesive also compensates for uneven wall surfaces and stretches during the curing process to provide a perfect flat finish. No screw holes or clips and offers a superior unobtrusive installation for your reflections.

All that is required is your plastered wall is finished to offer a non-porous surface finish. Tiled walls do not require surface sealing.

All mirrors are available within 24 hours for either collection or delivery. Also available for that luxury effect, are beveled edge mirrors, which are constructed from 6mm mirrored glass with a range of bevel sizes from 6mm to 42mm to further enhance your view.

These are normally obtainable in approximately seven working days. A multitude of uses to suit your home, office or working environment. We also specialise in the installation of wall mounted mirrors for gymnasiums and dance studios.

These can be installed with either adhesive or professional aluminium extruded sections for extra support.

Safety Glass

Safety Glazing is primarily achieved via two different manufacturing processes.  Worthington & Graham are experienced toughened glass suppliers with a range of experience in supplying dependable glass for safety critical applications. 

There are two methods of producing “safe” toughened glass panes.  You can find examples of both types within any typical motor vehicle.  Traditionally, your windscreen is a laminated glass pane and the sides and rear glass areas are examples of tempered glass.

1) Pilkington Laminated Float Glass is a glass sandwich.  Two sheets of ordinary glass sit either side of a vinyl interlayer and are formed within an autoclave which compresses the three surfaces together and expels all of the air, creating a toughened safety glass pane which will hold together even when shattered.  The vinyl interlayer keeps the glass bound together even when broken, leading to mere “spider web” cracks on impact.

Clear laminated glass is immediately available from stock in either 4.4mm or 6.4mm thicknesses and can be cut to your requirements, whether rectangles or of a shaped nature.  Pilkington Laminated Printed Glass panes are also available in a 7.5mm thickness from stock where immediate availability is a consideration.  Thicker clear laminated glass is available to order is normally available within 24 hours owing to a consideration of weight and sheet sizes.  Clear laminated glass also has reduced UV transmission properties to reduce the progressive level of fading to furniture and carpet.

2) Tempered glass is four to five times harder to break than ordinary annealed or printed glasses, and if breakage occurs, it does so safely, by disintegrating into thousands of very small pieces with dulled edges.  This form of toughened glass is achieved through thermal and chemical treatments.  This is the type of glass that is generally used in most glazed areas where weight and a variety of other considerations, such as printed glasses, are required.

Tempered safety glass for glazing purposes is normally available within 72 hours.  Toughened glass cut to size cannot be altered once the process has been completed.  It is therefore impossible to be reduced in size after manufacturing, so an accurate survey is required before such glass can be supplied.