Can’t find your desired solution? Nothing off-the-shelf in a builder’s or plumber’s stockist to suit your requirements? 

Worthington and Graham have a wealth of experience in bespoke bathroom fittings in Preston and the surrounding Lancashire area. 

For that ultimate in bathroom luxury, there is no substitute for a personally designed, walk in shower enclosure or wet room arrangement. At Worthington and Graham, all of our designed shower and wet room enclosures are bespoke, from inception to installation.

We use the finest quality tempered float glass of 6mm, 8mm or 10mm thickness, along with the ultimate in Italian produced, bright or brushed chrome fittings, to give complete control over design and flexibility.

Glass shower screens, glass shower doors, and wet room shower screens, are all custom-designed and manufactured to your personal requirements. All fittings are stainless steel, water resistant and work in conjunction with aluminium channeling to wall and glass joints.

Provided there is enough space to fit the bath shower screen or shower door and enough space to enter the surround, there is almost no limit to the design, size or layout of your shower or wet room area.

Even for areas with limited space, a folding shower screen or a set of sliding shower doors can be produced to circumvent these limitations. Similarly, bi-fold shower doors and pivot shower doors can be effective at saving space even in roomy areas.

Along with our installation partner, we can also provide a design and installation service to suit the most challenging arrangements, including ultra-violet corner glass bonding to assure complete water containment within the shower enclosure.